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Get your freeware tools, programs & games on CD...

  • desktop utilities
  • HTML tools
  • general purpose programs
  • Windows’ enhancements
  • text-based programs
  • graphics programs
  • multimedia programs
  • games, more games, and even more games!
  • bonus images on some editions
  • bonus icons on some editions

  CFS CD #14

‘Master Freeware Collection’ CDs

The ‘Master Freeware Collection’ comprises a mix of programs of every type – you may never have to download another program again!.

There have been 14 editions released so far and each edition is unique (except for the ‘essentials’ section which includes Web browsers, unzipping tools, VB runtime libraries, etc). Click on any numbered CD image below to see a full list of its contents.

Contents of each CD
CD #8 contents CD #9 contents CD #10 contents CD #11 contents CD #12 contents CD #13 contents CD #14 contents

CD #1 contents CD #2 contents CD #3 contents CD #4 contents CD #5 contents CD #6 contents CD #7 contents

Click on the numbered CD images above to see the
full list of software included on each edition.
Note the special bonuses on CDs #4, #7, #8, #13 & #14

These CDs include many programs which were once available free over the Net but have since been removed or are now shareware. The programs we include are the freeware versions so you can use them forever without paying a cent for them. After receiving special permission from the authors or publishers, some of the programs are only available on these CDs and cannot be found in other collections.

TIP:If you don’t have a preference for a particular CD, and wish to get one to see what they are like, we suggest you get the latest edition (#14).

Because of the thousands of programs included on these CDs it would be impractical to offer a master index of all programs on all CDs. However, if you are after a particular program you may conduct a site search which will show which CD (if any) includes the program you are after.


Games-only ‘Fun Pak’ CD

CFS has produced the ultimate present for yourself or a friend, a ‘Fun Pak’ CD which is crammed full of the best games to play.
click here for the contents of the games ’Fun Pak’ CD These include:
  • action games
  • arcade games
  • board games
  • card games
  • paddle games
  • puzzle games
  • RPG (role playing games)
  • strategy games
Click on the image of the ‘Fun Pak’ CD to see a full list of its contents.

These are all ‘best of the best’ games, each top-rated on the CFS site (with 5 doves). Don’t hesitate, get the best freeware games NOW – all full games with NO demos!!!

This Special Edition CD is the same price as our regular CDs – just $19.95 each, with FREE airmail postage!

How much?

Single CFS freeware CDs are only $19.95 each – shipped FREE within Australia!
Please note that all prices quoted on this site are in Australian dollars.


  • Special Offers are made from time to time (and are subject to change without notice).
    There are three Special Offers currently available:
    1. purchase editions #1 thru #7 (7 CDs in total) for the price of 5 CDs – just $99.75 for these 7 CDs
    2. purchase editions #8 thru #14 (7 CDs in total) for the price of 5 CDs – just $99.75 for these 7 CDs
    3. purchase editions #1 thru #14 & Games CD (15 CDs in total) for the price of 9 – just $179.55 for all 15 CDs!

  • Bulk purchasers can get very super deals on quantities more than 500. You can even purchase a license to manufacture these CDs yourself (suitable for magazine cover CDs, ISPs, company promos, etc). Contact CFS editor, Graham Pockett for more information.
How do I purchase?

CFS CDs are only available within Australia through Kooronya Holdings by mail order (cheque or money order) or by electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can get all purchase details HERE.

By special arrangement they can also be purchased using a credit card through the US credit card processor, PayPal. Contact Kooronya Holdings if you wish to purchase through PayPal (please note that there is a 10% surcharge to purchase by credit card).

For all your purchase options, click HERE.

Kooronya Holdings is registered in Australia – ABN 29 748 484 220

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