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Mail Order & EFT Sales

CDs are $19.95 each – shipped FREE within Australia. Please notify Kooronya Holdings which CD(s) you want.

All prices are in Australian dollars!

We accept cheques, money orders or EFT (electronic funds transfer). Cheques or money orders, made payable to Kooronya Holdings, can be sent to:
    Graham Pockett
    Kooronya Holdings
    33 Kuburra Road
    NSW 2250
NB: Cheques and money orders must be made payable to Kooronya Holdings or they cannot be processed through our bank account. Cheques/money orders not made payable to Kooronya Holdings will be destroyed.

By special arrangement CDs can also be purchased using a credit card through the US credit card processor, PayPal. Contact Kooronya Holdings if you wish to purchase through PayPal (please note that there is a 10% surcharge to purchase by credit card).

For bank-to-bank electronic transfer, please remit funds to:

    Bank: St George Bank, Locked Bag 1, Kogarah, NSW 1485
    BSB#: 112879
    Account Name: Kooronya Holdings
    Account #: 055780702
If using electronic funds transfer, please e-mail the details about your order to Kooronya Holdings.

The following details [clearly printed on a separate sheet of paper] must accompany a check or money order:

  • Name
  • Shipping address (including postcode & state)
  • Special shipping instructions
  • Product or products (please be specific) together with the cost for each product you have ordered
  • Total amount of the enclosed cash, cheque or money order
  • Your e-mail address (in case of problems with the order – no-one else will see your address but us)
We have supplied an order form in RTF (rich text format) which can be read by even the most basic of word processors (ie Write and WordPad). Download this small zipped file and unzip it, or just grab this unzipped version of Order.rtf (with some browsers you have to hold down your Shift key while left clicking on the RTF file so that it will download and not just display in your browser).

Load the document into your word processor, fill in the required fields, print it and mail it to Kooronya Holdings (address above) together with your cheque or money order.

The filled-in form can be kept on your computer for your records. The form itself is not necessary (the details above are though) and is just a convenience so you supply the correct information.

Note carefully: Goods despatched to an incorrect address due to the inability of our staff to decipher poor handwriting will not be refunded or replaced. Please double check that all your details are accurate and legible before posting. We are not reponsible for cash or cheques sent through the postal system or for funds electronically transferred to our account. Our responsibility only starts after we have physically received your order.

If you have a problem with your order please don’t hesitate to contact Kooronya Holdings and quote as many details of your order as you can, including the date posted to us. Allow three weeks for the turn-around before assuming there was a problem with your order.

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Kooronya Holdings is registered in Australia – ABN 29 748 484 220

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